Enjoy Easter With The Bright Easter Mocktails in 2021

Easter is one of the fantastic holidays of the year for so many reasons. First of all, it celebrates the life of Jesus Christ, and secondly, it promotes the changing of seasons, making it a great festival to spend with loved ones, family, and friends. But since the social gathering restriction is still there, we might not have a blast party or a large gathering to celebrate the event, but we can still spice things up with some mocktail addons. 

Whether you are in your home, spending time with family, or partying safely with friends, a glass of fancy mocktail full of taste, refreshment, bright texture, and exotic feeling will make the event perfect. Following are some of the top-notch non-alcoholic mocktail recipes that you can include in your Easter celebration. 

And the great thing is that anybody can make these drinks even if they are not a professional, just by adding a handful of ingredients in a blender or a mocktail shaker. So let’s get started with the following lip-smacking mocktail recipes and impress your guests with minimal effort and maximal enjoyment,



Easter is full of sweetness, and Easter parties can’t get started without this sweet, creamy texture drink in the bar menu. This is a perfect Easter Mocktail for adults who prefer having their Easter sweets in a liquid form. Impress your guests with this refreshing fruity affair mocktail and spice up your Easter gathering in a contemporary yet yummy way. Have this sweet, brightly colored, tasty frozen blend blended with a modern touch and enjoy to the fullest while sipping to it. To get started with this ultimate Easter drink, we first need to gather the following ingredients,


  • Pineapple Juice – 30 ml
  • Passion Fruit Juice – 20 ml
  • Coconut Sorbet – 2 scoops
  • Lemon Juice – 20 ml
  • Monin Passion Fruit Syrup – 10 ml


Now blend all these ingredients smoothly in a powerful blender until the whole mixture becomes creamy and smooth. Once you get the smooth, creamy texture liquid from the heavy blending, transfer the creamy texture into a fancy mocktail glass and offer this lovely liquid to your guests. As a modern touch, garnish the drink with some burnt coconut flakes and add an extra aromatic influence into the glass. This sweet and sour taste mocktail will elevate your guest’s mood and brighten up their Easter evening with its bright yellow creamy texture.



Easter is a time between Spring and Summer, making the weather temperate, and nothing can work better than a refreshing drink to cope with it. Brighten up your Easter gathering with this refreshing mocktail recipe and beautify your evening like a party animal. Ensure that all your guests stay hydrated with this lovely drink and lower the event’s temperature in a yummy way. Your guests will surely get impressed sipping into this non-alcoholic refreshing fruity affair and feel delighted throughout the event with the awesomeness of it. To make this festive mocktail, we need to gather the following ingredients,


  • Raspberry Puree – 30 ml
  • Orange Juice – 30 ml
  • Fresh Ginger Juice – 15 ml
  • Fresh Lemon Juice – 15 ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 10 ml
  • Ginger Beer – 90 ml


Now find a mocktail shaker, put everything from the list into it, minus the Ginger Beer, and shake it until you get a fine strain. Once you get it, pour the strain in an ice cube-filled sling glass and top up the drink with the Ginger Beer. Now serve it to your guests with a Rosemary Spring and Raspberries garnishing. The caramel-like sweet taste and ginger-lime brightness of the drink make it look great and come with lots of fruit benefits. While the raspberry will take all the attention here for its bright texture, the citrus fruits and ginger combination will make them more brilliant and attractive.



As the name implies, this will be a lovely refreshing mocktail that will make you fall in love with this with the first sip. While the weather is much tempting due to seasonal changes in the Easter event, nothing can be greater than refreshing up the party with this exotic aromatic non-alcoholic long summer mocktail. Impress your guests with this ultimate fruity mocktail and booze up to the madness of the fruit benefits. Enjoy sipping this refreshing Easter mocktail anytime in the day and feel like you are on the beach enjoying sunbath with the cooling beach water and refreshment in your hand. To get started with this beautiful Easter mocktail, we need to start with collecting the following ingredients,


  • Blackberry Puree – 40 ml
  • Lime Juice – 30 ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 10 ml
  • Ginger Ale – 90 ml
  • A handful of Mint leaves


Now take a fancy glass and put all the ingredients mentioned above into it, minus the Ginger Ale, and put some ice cubes into the mixture. Now start crunching the mix until you get a fine liquid form. Now fill the remaining part of the glass with crushed ice and top it up with the Ginger Ale. Serve this classic refreshing Easter drink with Mint Spring and Blueberries garnishing and turn up the evening gathering in a classy yet contemporary way. Enjoy sipping to this bright magenta-colored Easter drink and be lost in the ultimate refreshment throughout the day.



As the name comes from a Hawaiian anime girl surfing on the beach, this is also a tropical Hawaiian drink with exotic feelings and freshness to cope with hot weather. Spice up your Easter party with this bright, fruity, and festive tropical mocktail recipe and take the drinking experience of your guests to the next level. Nothing can go perfectly with the Easter gathering better than this attractive Hawaiian punch mocktail in the hot temperate weather. Whether you are hosting a big Easter party or just a small family gathering, having this drink would be a great choice. This drink is a perfect choice when you are outside celebrating Easter with your loved one. To get started, we first have to collect the following ingredients,


  • Fresh Mango Juice – 60 ml
  • Passionfruit Pulp – 2 baar spoon
  • Fresh Lemon Juice – 20 ml
  • Soda Water – 100 ml
  • Grenadine Syrup – 5ml on top


Get a mocktail shaker and put all the ingredients together except for the Soda and Grenadine Syrup and hard shake the mixture until all of them mixed well into a fine strain. Once you get the strain, pour it into a fancy mocktail glass and add ice cubes into the drink with the Soda Water. Now finally, top up the Grenadine Syrup very carefully and gently to the mocktail drink to give it a bright finish, similar to the sunset. Enjoy sipping to this sweet and sour colorful tropical fruity affair and get the absolute exotic feeling at the party. The refreshing nature of the summer fruits in this drink will give you the ultimate cooling effect in the temperate Easter event and make you feel delighted with the freshness and taste.




Easter without temperate weather is not possible as we celebrate a new season’s arrival on this holiday. Still, with this ultimate refreshing mocktail, it is possible to beat the heat. No matter how hot the weather is, coconut plays a great role in cooling the temperature down, and this drink defines the same. Whether you are outside having an Easter drink together with your friends or at home spending the day with your lovely family, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful summer drink. To make this excellent mocktail, we first need to gather the following ingredients,


  • Coconut Cream – 40 ml
  • Coconut Water – 40 ml
  • Lemon Juice – 20 ml
  • Soda Water – 40 ml
  • A handful of Sweet Thai Basil Leaves


Find a Natchman highball glass and put all these ingredients mentioned above into it minus the Soda Water and crunch the mixture after adding crushed ice into the glass. Once the mixture gets blended into a fine texture, fill up the remaining part of the glass with crushed ice cubes and top up with the Soda Water. Your refreshing coconut drink is ready for the Easter party. While the coconut will give you the maximum refreshment, the lemon juice with soda water makes you stay hydrated enough throughout the event in this humid weather. Now serve it to the guests with cute Basil Spring garnishing and spice up your event in a way your buddies have ever experienced before.