May 2021

7 Immunity Boosting Drinks Recipes For Covid-19 Recovery

We still haven’t found the ultimate cure for Coronavirus. But the great news is that most infected persons can fight the virus and recover well with their immune power. So don’t think the battle is over if you’re a victim. Try the following seven immunity boosting drinks for covid-19 recovery,


  1. Amla, Beetroot, Carrot, and Ginger Juice:

Besides going through the deadly covid-19 season, we shouldn’t forget that it is those sultry months of the year. This requires a drink that will work the best in both strengthening immunity and body detoxification. And nothing can work better than this drink if you are fighting with covid-19 and looking for an immunity booster to fight off the infection. Along with boosting the immune power, this also helps in detoxification and improves liver health. All you need to do is get a blender and put the following ingredients together,

  • 2 Chopped Carrots
  • 1 Beetroot
  • 2 Amlas
  • 1-inch Ginger pieces

Blend all these until you get a fine strain and add some Black Salt and Lemon upon it for further taste. Beetroot and Carrots in the drink work perfectly, keeping the body away from toxins. Amla, being enriched in Vitamin C, works as an immunity booster to help you fight off the virus and bring an acidic taste to the drink. 

  1. Mint and Tomato Juice:

As the name implies, this juice will be very healthy since the ingredients are enriched with antioxidants and will solve digestion issues. The covid-19 recovery comes with many medicines and steroids that might take a toll on your immunity and metabolism. Well, this drink works perfectly. All you require to perform is get the following,

  • 4 Tomatoes
  • 10-12 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • A glass of water

Get a blender, put all the ingredients together into it and give it a blend until you get a bright red-colored fine strain. Now pour the drink into a long glass and cherish sipping this tasty immunity booster after adding some black pepper, black salt, and lemon juice to it for further taste.


  1. Kiwi, Orange, and Strawberry Juice:

Though currently, we are only focusing on boosting immunity to fight against the covid-19 pandemic, you should know that the virus can weaken the victims and negatively affect overall health. But if you have this drink enriched with antioxidants and immunity booster properties, it will help you. With multiple ingredients greatness, it can also control blood pressure and prevent further sickness from happening. To get started, all you need a blender and the following,

  • 2 Peeled Kiwis
  • 1 cup Strawberries
  • 1 Peeled Orange
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp Honey

Once you gather all the ingredients mentioned above, put them into the blender and blend all of them until you get a light pink-colored smooth strain. Now pour this drink into a juice glass, and your tasty health booster is ready to drink.

  1. Green Apple, Pineapple, and Sweet Lime Juice:

As per the juice ingredients, it is evident that this drink will be a storehouse of Vitamin C and Calcium with a sweet and sour taste. Having this drink will improve your immune system and help in metabolism and keep you energized in the sultry summer season, which is a perfect combination for fighting covid-19 while beating the summer heat. To get started, you will be requiring the following,

  • 250 gms Chopped Pineapple
  • 2 Peeled Sweet Lime (Mausmi)
  • 1 Chopped Green Apple

Get a powerful blender and put all the ingredients into it. Give it a gentle blend until it gives you a light yellow-colored smooth texture. Once you get it, pour this smooth strain into a long glass and garnish the drink up with some fresh mint leaves and black salt for good taste.

  1. Turmeric, Lemon, Orange, and Ginger Juice:

The main thing required to fight against the deadly Coronavirus is the anti-inflammatory compounds that can prevent the infection intensity of the virus, and the ingredients of this drink prove that it will be full of antibacterial, antiviral properties. Consuming adequate antiviral compounds along with having prescribed medications helps you recover from the Covid-19 infection faster. All you require to do is gather the following ingredients,

  • 2 Peeled Oranges
  • 5 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1-inch Ginger
  • 2 tsp Turmeric Powder

Get a strong blender and put everything into it one by one. Now give it a gentle blend until you get a sunset-colored fine strain from the mixture. Now pour this bright golden-yellow juice into a long glass and enjoy cherishing the tasty way to Coronavirus recovery. With the greatness of the ingredients, this drink will hydrate you to beat the summer heat as well as promote your immune system so that you can fight off the virus.

  1. Prana Immunity Booster:

Besides the terrible covid-19 situation, it is summer, and this means we need to get through the sultry months of the season while fighting the pandemic. Hence, we need adequate hydration besides boosting immunity, and this drink can fulfill both requirements. Also, it helps in faster recovery in Coronavirus infections by improving immune health while protecting you from free radicals. To make this potion, you will need the following ingredients,

  • 1 tsp Organic Ghee
  • A pinch of Cinnamon
  • A pinch of Turmeric
  • 1 Cardamom
  • 1 Clove
  • Freshly Grated Ginger
  • A pinch of Pepper

This works like magic when it comes to boosting the immune system; it also works in clearing the congestion in the nasal and throat areas. The Ghee in the drink will not only help in immunity-boosting but also builds in the better gut and cleanses the lungs. Start with heating up the Ghee on a pan and then add the rest of the ingredients into that. Sautè this mixture for a minute until you get aromatic herbs blended into the Ghee. Now add a glass of water to it and boil the whole mix. After the boiling is done, keep it aside for some minutes and sip this potion hot.

  1. Virgin Toddy:

There are lots of immunity boosters available in the market that come with sugary substances. And having sugary drinks can worsen the situation, especially when you are fighting covid-19. Since the summer is here, refreshment is also needed, and this drink can do both. Having no sugar in the recipe, this drink will control the blood sugar levels, while the antioxidants of the ingredients will help fight off infections and provide a healthy way to beat the summer sultriness. All you require to do is get the following,


  • A few slices of Tangerine
  • 1 Cinnamon Stick
  • 1 Clove
  • ½ tsp Grated Ginger
  • A pinch of Ground Pepper
  • Fresh Apple Juice for further taste

Minus the Apple Juice and Tangerine and put all the other ingredients into 200 ml of water. Boil it until you get the aroma and the color of the water changes. Now cool down the mixture and strain out the herbs from the water. Pour the light brown colored drink into a glass, top it up with apple juice to taste, and garnish the drink up with Tangerine slices.

Apart from all the drink recipes mentioned above, consuming Tender Coconut Water can also help beat the current covid strain symptoms and keep you hydrated.

Beat The Heat With These 8 Summer Refreshing Mocktails

Though we hate summer for severe sultriness and excessive moisture, we love when it comes with juicy and yummy fruits. You can easily make a summer refreshment using these seasonal fruits with a contemporary touch to beat the heat. Whether it is a summer refreshment or a guest welcoming, you would never go wrong with the fruity mocktails. So are you looking for some good recipes? The following ten non-alcoholic summer mocktails will go perfectly with any occasions.

1. Blueberryology:

As the name implies, this drink is based on blueberries. Drinking this refreshing mocktail after a muggy day out provides the required antioxidants to the body and makes you feel energized with sufficient vitamins. This drink is also perfect for welcoming guests, and it is pretty easy to make at home. All you need to do is collect,


  • Blueberry Puree – 40 grams (defrosted)
  • Lime Juice – 30ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 15ml
  • Soda Water – 40ml
  • A handful of Organic Mint Leaves


Now, minus the soda water, put the rest into a highball glass and fill it half with crushed ice. Now churn it well until you get a bright magenta color. Once you get it, add more crushed ice to fill the glass and top it up with soda water. Now serve this refreshing summer mocktail with a mint spring and fresh blueberries garnishing.

2. Passionfruit-Ginger Ale Splash:

In this humid weather, what can go better other than a cool splash? And when it’s too hot to go outside for a swim, you can still get refreshed in your home by making a cool beverage stylishly using seasonal fruits. Whether it is a humid morning or sultry afternoon, you won’t go wrong with this refreshment. To get started, you need,


  • Fresh Lime Juice – 15ml
  • Ginger Ale – 90ml
  • Passionfruit Pulp – 20 grams
  • A handful of Organic Mint Leaves


Now put everything into a fancy highball glass without the Ginger Ale, fill it half with crushed ice, and continue churning it until you get a bright yellow colored smooth liquid. Once done, fill the glass with more crushed ice, add Ginger Ale from the top, and serve this with Mint Spring and half Passionfruit garnishing.


3. Coconutsy:

A glass of coconut drink after a long day outside in summer feels like heaven. With its cooling and refreshing nature, it helps in heat-related dehydration. But you can make it more refreshing by including a handful of seasonal fruits into it with a contemporary touch. Even if you are expecting guests, it will go well as a welcome drink. All you need to do is collect,


  • Fresh Pineapple Juice – 100ml
  • Fresh Passionfruit Pulp – 2 bar spoon
  • Coconut Cream – 60ml
  • Monin Passionfruit Syrup – 20ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 15ml


Once you get everything, put them all in a cocktail shaker and shake variously until you find a light yellow-colored fine strain. Pour this creamy Virgin Passion Colada into an ice cube-filled sliding glass and garnish it up with some pineapple leaves. Your drink is ready to serve.

4. Bliss Leaves (Basil):

Basil is very beneficial in excessive heat for its calm and refreshing nature; having raw leaves every day works best in indigestion and inflammation. Apart from chewing, it can be turned into a lovely herbal refreshment in summer by including the greatness of a handful of seasonal fruits with a contemporary mixology blend at home. Start with collecting,


  • Fresh Mango Juice – 100ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice – 30ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 10ml
  • Soda Water – 90ml
  • A handful of Basil Leaves


Now set aside the Soda Water and put everything into a cocktail shaker, and give it a hard shake. Continue until you get a fine strain of bright yellow color. Pour this liquid into an ice cube-filled fancy highball glass and top it up with Soda Water. Now cherish sipping into this refreshing summer mocktail with basil spring garnishing.


5. Wonder Leaves:

The leaf is considered one of the coolest parts of a plant that feeds the plant and offers shadow to the root. Imagine having this soothing experience at home. Feels impossible? Well, you can make a refreshing mocktail using the wonder of the leaves with a contemporary touch. To start, you will need,


  • A handful of Organic Automatic Coriander Leaves
  • Fresh Lime Juice – 30ml
  • Coconut Cream – 60ml
  • 1 Lemongrass Stick


Start with chopping the Lemongrass Stick into four pieces and muddle it to release the aroma. Now add the Coriander Leaves and the rest with crushed ice into it and start churning. Continue until you get a smooth aromatic, light green mixture. Promptly pour this solution into a crushed ice-filled fancy glass and garnish it with Coriander Spring and dehydrated Lime Wheel to give it a gorgeous look.


6. Alfanso Sensation:

Who doesn’t love mangoes? It is the only reason we love summer despite its humid climate. Whether raw or ripe, mangoes are yummy and refreshing, so do the mango beverages. And, with the following ingredients, you can easily make a lavish non-alcoholic mango drink at home,


  • Fresh Alfanso Mango Juice – 100ml
  • Fresh Orange Juice – 60ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice – 20ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 10ml
  • Soda Water – 40ml


Now get a cocktail shaker and put everything minus the Soda Water into it and variously shake the mixture until you get a fine strain. Then collect this tangy yellow-colored sweet and sour drink into an ice cube-filled fancy highball glass and top it up with the Soda Water. Now serve this yummy summer mocktail with mango slices garnished up on the top.

7. Strawberrylytical:

As the name implies, this is heaven for strawberry lovers. Since berries are one of the summer favorites, nothing can be greater than creating a refreshing drink using them. And the most exciting part is you can make this at home easily with a contemporary touch. Even if you are expecting any guests, this beverage can go perfectly as a tasty welcoming drink. To get started, you will be needing,


  • Fresh Strawberries – 5-6 pieces
  • Fresh Lime Juice – 20 ml
  • Homemade Jasmine Honey Syrup – 20 ml
  • A scoop of Cubed Ice


Now put all these ingredients mentioned above into a powerful blender and continue blending until it gives a bright pink-colored smooth texture. Pour this delicious sweet and sour drink into a coupe glass and garnish it up with two slices of strawberries and cute mint leaves to enjoy this beautiful creation.


8.// Royal Frozen:

It might be anyone’s dream to have a royal refreshment in the sultry summer season and enjoy the bright sunlight with a royal beverage. Well, you can make one using a handful of seasonal fruit pulps at your home and treat yourself with a frozen refreshment. All you need is the following,


  • Cucumber Juice – 60ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice – 30ml
  • Elderflower Syrup – 30ml
  • A handful of Mint Leaves

Now, start putting all these together into a powerful blender and blend it until it gives a smooth texture. Pour this refreshing-looking sweet and citrus royal mocktail into a Margarita glass and garnish it with mint leaves and two slices of cucumbers on the top.


Energizing Healthy Drinks You Must Try In 2021

Summer is the perfect season for having access to juicy fruits and blending them together into one powerful smoothie to have all the greatness into one drink. It is also an ideal season when everyone plans their holidays to beaches, and a smoothie on the beach with a sunset view is just the perfect holiday one can plan. You might find many energy drinks and potions outside, but a homemade smoothie is way healthier than those available outside. Because the outside energy drink uses caffeine to boost the energy and sugar for the sweetness, and both are bad for health. Hence, this is always recommended to use the seasonal fruits and handful nuts with milk or yogurt to mix together and make a powerful smoothie at home. 


Having a homemade energy drink at any time in the day, either at breakfast, before or after the workout, evening relaxation, etc., is a great way to recharge the electrolytes in the body. A refreshing energy drink after a busy schedule, gym or walk is an excellent option to feel upbeat. Also, in this Ramadan month, after a tiring full day fast, it will be great to break the fast with a powerful fruity smoothie with relaxing power at the time of Iftar. And, it is much easier to blend a smoothie at home; all you need to do is put together the required ingredients and blend them smoothly to get a bright, creamy texture. So are you looking for some cool homemade energy drink recipes? Try these following five fruity affairs with immense taste and flavor and feel energetic throughout the day,


1. Energy Up:

Energy loss is not uncommon in the sultry months of the summer season, but using caffeine to regain energy is much unhealthy. And who says that only caffeine can refill the energy level? This avocado-banana smoothie will prove that you can stay active and awake throughout the day, even without taking any caffeinated drinks. As the name implies, this drink will boost the energy to the fullest with a sip of its deliciousness and fulfill your mind with the freshness and sweet flavor. Having this smoothie every day at breakfast will make you refreshed all day long and reduce tiredness. To start with this, we first need to gather the following,


  • Avocado 1/2 ( must be well ripe)
  • Medium-sized Organic Banana
  • Young Coconut Water – 60 ml
  • Soya Milk – 100 ml
  • A handful of Pistachio


Start with blending all these ingredients mentioned earlier in a powerful blender until you get a smooth, creamy texture. Then pour this light green-colored smoothie into a highball glass and serve it with grated Pistachio garnishing from the top. Have this sweet mixture as a pre-workout or post-workout drink and feel refreshed with one sip. And if you are looking for a drink for your Iftar dinner to beat the tiredness from the full day of fasting, this drink can go perfectly with any need.


2. Pure Energy:

Getting up in the morning makes us feel how tired we become at the end of the day. And morning tiredness makes the whole day look depressed. If you are searching for a perfect energy drink recipe to kickstart your day, then try this refreshing banana date smoothie and get boosted up with a sip of this ultimate combination. The smooth texture of the banana and the sweetening flavor of the dates makes it a perfect pre-workout recipe as well. Also, this is the month of Iftar with a full day fast, which means it will be a tiring and restless month. But, with a sip of this refreshing drink every day, you can instantly regain your energy back and beat the tiredness. To get started, we first need to gather the below items,


  • 4-5 Pulpy Dates
  • 1 medium Banana
  • A handful of soaked and peeled off almonds
  • Low-fat Milk – 200 ml


Now put all these ingredients as mentioned above, into a powerful blender and blend them together until you get a light pink smooth texture. Now pour the smoothie into a highball glass and garnish it on top with some grated almonds. With a relaxing nature, this drink will also work the best as a post-workout recipe. You can also consider this smoothie as a refreshing Iftar drink to break the fast. It will also go well to greet your guests at the Iftar dinner.


3. Maximum Strength:

Have you spent most of your time under the sunlight? You might be feeling so tired with a lifeless look on your face. No worries! This drink can save you instantly. As the name implies, this energy drink will boost your lost energy and provide you the maximum strength with one sip of it. Be it kickstarting a new day or beating the workout tiredness; nothing works better than this refreshing smoothie with honey sweetness and fruity affairs. To get started with this powerful extraction, we need the following,


  • 2 Peeled Peach
  • 4-5 Mango Slices
  • 4-5 Strawberries
  • 1 medium Banana
  • Oats Milk – 150 ml
  • Organic Honey – 20 ml


Now put all of these ingredients mentioned earlier together into a powerful blender and blend it until it gives a smooth texture. Now pour this light peach-pink smoothie into a highball glass and enjoy sipping this refreshing drink before or after the workout with a strawberry slice garnishing on the top. Having this drink every day in a routine maintains your hydration level and works well with stress and anxiety by keeping you active all day long. This smoothie can go perfectly as an Iftar drink at the family feast with its refreshing nature and sweet taste.


4. Power Boost:

Summer is all about tiredness and extra humidity, which drains up our energy every time we go out in the sunlight, and nothing can go more perfectly than a powerful homemade smoothie to refill the energy level. Boost up your power, level up your energy with a sip of this refreshing morning drink, and cherish your tastebuds with its sweet flavor. Have this delicious energy drink with your breakfast and stay energized all day long. The stimulating nature of watermelon with the raspberry burst will give you instant power with delicious honey sweetness and immense taste. To get started, we need the following ingredients,


  • Watermelon Chunks 4-5
  • A handful of Fresh Raspberries 
  • Organic Honey – 20 ml
  • Greek Yogurt – 200 grams


Now put all these ingredients mentioned above into a powerful blender to give them a smooth blend and continue until it comes out as a baby pink-colored creamy texture. Pour this bright smoothie into a highball glass and enjoy sipping to this before or after the workout garnishing it up with watermelon slices on top. This bright-colored delicious-looking drink can also go perfectly at Iftar. It not only levitates your mood but also beats the stress and tiredness due to the day-long fasting. It goes perfectly for any Iftar dinner gathering with a bright, creamy texture and excellent sweet taste.


5. High Performance:

Do not feel overwhelmed whenever you feel dizzy in the morning. Morning dizziness can be a reason for a tiring day. Start your day with this refreshing drink and stay highly energetic throughout the time with the greatness of the fruit and egg white combination. Whether it is your breakfast time or workout session, this drink will go perfectly with anything. The banana pear smoothie with the honey sweetness will not only give you instant energy but also keeps you hydrated all day long. Especially when it is summer, nothing can go better than this drink. For this, we will need the following,


  • 2 Medium Banana
  • 4-5 Peeled Pear Chunks
  • Almond Milk – 100 ml
  • Egg White 50-60 grams
  • Organic Honey – 20 ml


Now put all these ingredients mentioned above together into a powerful blender and give it a smooth blend until you get the bright white-colored smooth texture. Pour this ultimate power smoothie into a highball glass and garnish it on top with pear slices. Now enjoy sipping into this energy drink and stay active throughout the day with higher performance. Also, this will help you beat the tiredness and stress due to sultry weather and Iftar fasting, so you can also have this drink at your Iftar dinner. This works the best as a post-workout drink as well with its refreshing and sweet flavor along with the greatness of the fruity affairs and egg whites. 

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