The scorching heat of summer makes us thirsty all the time. It becomes a pleasure if you drink something cold as it chills your body as well as infuses your throat. It becomes more exciting when you use seasonal fruit for making your chill drink! Here we are with some exciting recipes for mango cocktails for you. So, let’s not waste any more time and check out what we have for you!


  1. Mango Caipirnicha

The name looks very interesting, and it has a Brazilian tone in its name. It is one of the best mango cocktail recipes that we are going to share with you today. What do you need to make this cocktail? Here are the ingredients:

  • 60 ml of Brazilian cachaca
  • 6 Brazilian seedless lime chunks
  • 30 ml of defrosted mango puree
  • 15 ml of sugar syrup
  • Crushed ice

When you have gathered all of these five ingredients, you need to start with lime first. Remove all the seeds from lime and cut them into the shape of wedges. Now, you are going to need a cocktail muddler and a rock glass. Put the lime into the glass and start muddling it. Now, you need to add other ingredients one by one to it. You need to fill half of the rock glass with crushed ice and start churning. When you are done with it, you can fill the glass of crushed ice. When you serve it, you can place a lime slice or a mango slice as garnishing.


  1. Mango-Passionfruit Martini

You might not find one single person who does not like to have a martini as a cocktail. But have you ever thought of creating a martini with the mango flavor! You are going to need:

  • 60 ml of London dry gin
  • 30 ml of mango puree
  • Two tablespoons of passionfruit pulp
  • 15 ml of lime juice
  • 10 ml of sugar syrup

The first thing you are going to need is a martini glass. Make sure that you have chilled out the glass. Now you need to gather everything into a content shaker and shake it in different ways. If you are a party animal, then we are sure that you have learned some tricks from the bartenders. When the part of shaking is over, strain it into the martini glass chilled beforehand. You can garnish with a half-cut passionfruit or a mango slice before serving.


  1. Mango-Basil Caipiroska

If you are fond of vodka, then this recipe is the perfect one for you. Make sure that you have gathered an old-fashioned glass and a cocktail shaker beforehand. Then you need to have

  • 60 ml of vodka
  • 40 ml of mango puree
  • 20 ml of lime juice
  • 10 ml of sugar syrup
  • A handful of sweet basil leaves

Do not forget to chill out the glass with crushed ice before adding all ingredients to the cocktail shaker. Once you have shaken all ingredients finely, you can strain them into the glass. A lime wheel or a basil spring can be perfect for garnishing your new tropical blend mango cocktail Mango-Basil Caipiroska.


  1. Mango Margarita

You have taken tequila shots many times, but have you ever thought of having a refreshing mango cocktail with tequila? Here, you will learn to make Mango Margarita that has tequila as its vital ingredient. So, let’s check out what you will need to refresh your mood while making this fantastic cocktail.

  • 45 ml of Tequila Blanco
  • 15 ml of Cointreau 
  • 40 ml of mango puree
  • 20 ml of lime juice
  • 10 ml of sugar syrup

You need to gather these five ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake it variously and finely. Make sure that you have chilled out a fancy margarita glass with some crushed ice. When you are done with shaking, you can strain it to the chilled glass and garnish it with a mango slice before serving it to your guests or yourself.


  1. Spicy Mango Daiquiri

Now we are almost at the end of this article. Our last mango cocktail recipe for you has a spicy nature in its name. Also, it is heavier than the other four cocktails that we have discussed earlier. To make a glass of spicy mango daiquiri, you are going to need

  • 60 ml of 8 hours Thai red chili-infused white rum
  • 30 ml of mango puree
  • 20 ml of orange juice
  • 20 ml of lime juice
  • 10 ml of organic Agave nectar

When you make a glass of spicy mango daiquiri, you need to chill out a high ball glass beforehand. A cocktail shaker won’t help this time, but you will need a Boston shaker to give a hard shake to the ingredients. When you have done the shaking, strain it into the half of highball glass with cubed ice. Now, you need to fill the rest with crushed ice. Your spicy mango daiquiri is ready. You can garnish it with dehydrated lime and whole red chili before serving.