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Jiří Special- A Luxury Precious On Your Hand

I still remember the day when Mr. Jiří Šmejc helped me with the invention of a game-changing cocktail, now known as Jiří Special. Let me start from the beginning. It was the 31st night of 2018. After attending a new year’s event, Mr. Jiří came to me at A Bar. However, he was going through a throat infection, so as usual, I offered him some cocktails. But he refused to take a drink and started to work on creating a new one. It was the time when the magic happened.

Mr. Jiří is a smart person, and he has excellent knowledge of mixology. On that night, he gave me the cocktail recipe with Beluga vodka double shot and seedless lime, which is balanced nicely with brown sugar. In this way, Jiří Special was invented. Today I am feeling honored to finally get a chance to write a blog about this cocktail.  Here I will talk about all the information about Jiří Special. Before I start, let me tell you a few words about my boss, the person I admire, Mr. Jiří.

My Opinion About Mr. Jiří Šmejc

If you want to be happy in your personal life, choose a perfect wife and if you want to be successful, select your boss carefully. I would say that Mr. Jiří Šmejc is the best owner of the planet. To understand his greatness, you have to come to Velaa Private Island.

Jiri special

From a gardener to the manager, you will see everyone is working nicely here with a smile on their face. You might think that they are happy because they are working at the Maldives’ most luxurious resort. But no, you are partially right. They are so glad because they feel so privileged to work under the living legend Jiří Šmejc. In my opinion, he and his wife Radka are the two most generous persons on earth. They also see us as their family.

jiri special cocktail

Our owners might be multi-billionaires, but they are the humblest persons I have ever seen. When parents are well behaved and well mannered, you will also see its reflection on their child. That’s also the case with us. All the staff in the hotel are so inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Šmejc. We never cross the line while serving our guests and treat them with generosity. I joined Velaa as a part of the pre-opening team, and after that, I have spent seven long years here. I feel proud to be a part of Velaa.

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There’s one more thing that we would like to mention, Mr. Jiří. He is a brilliant person, and his intelligence & charismatic personality always make me spellbound. He can play almost any sports, do meditation & yoga, play musical instruments, and can professionally dance and sing on the stage.  I admire Mr. Jiří Šmejc for his charming personality. He is a highly talented and successful person who always stays active and motivated.

jiri special cocktail

The Story Of Velaa Private Island

Velaaprivateisland or Velaa Private Island is located in the beautiful Noonu Atoll. It is a private island where we luxuriously treat each of our guests.  Velaa has been curated by keeping privacy and comfort in mind. We have built the retreats by using local resources, including contemporary flourishes. The interior and exterior of Velaa will blow your mind. But of course, our center of attraction is the scenic beauty of the Indian Ocean.

About The Jiří Special

Let’s talk about the drink Jiří Special. The cocktail strikes a perfect balance of crisp and pure Beluga Goldline vodka, Brazilian citrus, and brown sugar. This simple drink is served in an ice-chilled glass, which will give you a sense of elegance and luxury. Jiří Special can be an excellent pick for an extraordinary boozing session. It is a low-calorie drink that has some positive impact on internal mouth infection.

The palate of this firewater is pure, and it comes with a creamy texture and hints of white pepper, vanilla, and sage. The long and crisp finish of this drink worth every penny that guests spend on Jiří Special. The hint of vanilla will last long in your mouth and mind.

Jiri special

Best Time To Drink

You can drink this firewater anytime you want. But if you want to experience luxury feelings, consider drinking it after dinner while listening to live music.

Jiri special


Food Pairing

The drink can be clubbed with a variety of foods, including the followings:

  1. Pork tenderloin
  2. Lumpfish roe
  3. Smoked beef
  4. Blinis with smoked fish toppings
  5. Smoked hams
  6. Smoked sausage
  7. Venison tartare etc.

jiri special cocktail

If you want to pair Jiří Special with veg dishes, then you can consider the followings:

  1. Dark bread
  2. Radishes
  3. Cucumber
  4. Capers
  5. Russian salad
  6. Salty cheese etc.

It is essential to know that authentic Jiří Special is served without ice. But you can add ice balls into it for slow dilution.

jiri special cocktail


I use three main ingredients to make Jiří Special. They are as follows:

80 ML Of Beluga Goldline Vodka: It is a super-premium vodka known for its high-quality spirit and remarkably crispness. Mr. Jiří Šmejc didn’t add too many things to this drink because he didn’t want the premium vodka to get dominated by other flavors. While drinking Jiří Special, you will experience pure, crisp notes of cinnamon.

15 ML Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice: As we all know, lime is an acidic and sour fruit. I use 15 ML of freshly squeezed lime juice in this drink. Due to this reason, you will experience a hint of sourness while sipping the cocktail.

jiri special cocktail

2 Cubes Of La Perruche’ Brown Sugar: This type of sugar is grown in Reunion Island’s tropical paradise. While producing, the sugar soaks the rich flavors of the tropical soil. It makes brown sugar different from the other types of sugar. I use two cubes of brown sugar inside this drink to neutralize the sourness of lime juice. The combination of brown sugar and lime juice enriches the taste of vodka without overshadowing its flavor.

Jiri special

How To Make The Cocktail

I apply muddle or shaking techniques to make Jiří Special. It is recommended to use an old-fashioned glass for serving the drink, and you can use dehydrated lime wheel for garnishing. Sometimes I also use ice balls for making Jiří Special. However, it is an optional ingredient that I only add to the guest’s concern. Now allow me to reveal how I make Jiří Special.

Jiri special

I believe that hygiene comes first while making cocktails. Due to this reason, I wash my hand thoroughly. After that, I take a beautiful old-fashioned glass and ice it up with crushed ice. Now I unpack two La Perruche’ brown sugar into my mixing glass and start to muddle it. After that, I take two mid-sized Brazilian seedless lime and squeeze them well to produce 15 ML of fresh juice out of it. Finally, I add a double shot of Beluga Gold Line vodka into the glass and fill the rest with cube ice.

Jiri special

After adding all the ingredients appropriately, I lock the Boston shaker and hold it the way I hold my love in my arms, and I shake it with medium pressure and a high level of body posture. In this way, I create a glass of Jiří Special. Finally, I add dehydrated lime wheel into it for garnishing. As already mentioned above, I also add ice balls into it in some cases, but that’s optional.

jiri special cocktail

How To Drink Jiří Special

Drink it like a billionaire, and don’t forget to cheer to the creator before sipping it. The more passionately you will drink it, the most luxurious experience you will have. Now say cheers to the festive season & tropical weather and enjoy Jiří Special slowly.

Bottom Line

Jiří Special is not just another cocktail but a magical drink that tells the story of a successful entrepreneur who is insanely passionate about mixology. Try this masterpiece at home or Velaa and experience the elegant taste of luxury.

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  1. Seem’s to be an excellent & mouth watering drink but it has to be made by Mr.Santy as it invented by him & Jiri.🙏
    Hopefully I will be able have this very soon .

    Keep rocking guys ❤️ Cheers 🥂

  2. It’s really appreciated, u make a drink for your kind hearted boss and u very lucky to serve for him. Really I enjoyed your blogs.

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