Sip And Savor – New Year Cocktail – A Sophisticated Bubbly Drink To Chill Out In This NYE

Christmas is knocking on the doors, and the official countdown for the new year has begun. With the festive season heading soon, I will also get busy to satisfy customers’ thirst and make them happier. I can’t repeat the same recipe that I invented last year because of the high-profile repetitive guests who know me personally. Thus, I have come up with a fresh new cocktail recipe based on champagne and white or red wine.

New Year Cocktail

favorite holy basil is also an essential ingredient of this cocktail. So, party lovers and holidayers, get ready for this new cocktail, which will surely leave you mesmerized. The sophisticated and bubbly nature of this alcoholic drink will help you to refresh your body and mind, especially when tasted on a Maldives beach during the sunset. This New Year Eve (NYE), all you need is a glass of Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail to get rid of your hectic hustle and bustle of your daily routine.

Taste, Flavor, And Feel Of The Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail

As already mentioned above, this is a sophisticated yet bubbly drink that is dry, refreshing, and slightly sour. The sourness and dryness of this cocktail come from the champagne and lime wheel. While sipping the cocktail, you will also experience a bit of sweetness that comes from elderflower syrup. Any Prosecco can replace the champagne used in this drink. A prosecco is an Italian DOCG or DOC sparkling wine made from the Glera grape.

Ingredients of  Sip and Savour CocktailSip And Savor-New Year Cocktail

The ingredients of this cocktail are as follows:

20 ML. Roku Gin:  It is a Japanese gin that includes six Japanese botanicals from four seasons. The list consists of gyokuro tea and sencha tea from summer, yuzu peel from winter, sakura flower and sakura leaf from spring, and sansho pepper from autumn. Roku Gin can also be replaced with any lightly bodied gin.

Sip and Savour Cocktail

120 ML. Delamotte Blanc De Blanc Champagne: It is Non-vintage champagne used in Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail. The floral fragrances and golden robes of this champagne make it premium. You will also experience a hint of bread crust and biscuit on the finish. Delamotte Blanc De Blanc is one of the most crucial ingredients of this cocktail.


Pieces Holy Basil: Tulsi or holy basil is another key ingredient of this cocktail. In Hindu belief, tulsi is a sacred plant regarded as the Goddess Lakshmi’s avatar, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Apart from the religious and cultural values of holy basil, it also provides plenty of health benefits. Studies show that the antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties of holy basil work great in treating wounds and infection. It can also be consumed to lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and easing joint pain & inflammation.

20 ML. Soda Water: 10% of the cocktail is made of sparkling soda water. It is another essential ingredient of Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail.

20 ML. Elderflower Syrup: It is known for delight sweetness and delicate scent. Its taste plays well with the juniper taste of Roku Gin.

8 Pieces Lime Wheel: The lime wheel is created from the citrus fruit lime. It adds an acidic and sour pulp to the cocktail.

5 Pieces Strawberry Wheel: Strawberry wheels are also used for garnishing the drink.

An Aperitif Cocktail

Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail is an aperitif drink. It means this cocktail stimulates the consumers’ appetite and helps people to eat better. You can consider drinking this cocktail before dinner.

The Best Time To Drink Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail

Any time is the best time to drink Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail. Since it is a dry and aperitif beverage, so you can consider consuming it before a meal. If we have to recommend a particular time to drink Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail, we recommend the time around the afternoon. Witnessing mesmerizing sunset in Maldives with a glass of Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail will be highly satisfying for you.

The Best Foods To Eat With Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail

Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail is a champagne-based drink. In general, foods that pair well with champagne can also be paired with Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail. You can try Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail with the following foods:

  • Seared Pork With Roasted Grapes
  • Spicy Thai Pesto Chicken Noodle Bowls
  • Oyster
  • Lobster
  • Cheese Truffle Mac and Cheese
  • Avocado Shrimp Spring Rolls and Moscato
  • Raspberry Baked Brie
  • Shellfish
  • White Fish
  • BBQ Chicken Smoked Mozzarella Sliders
  • Crispy Fish Tacos With Jalapeño Sauce

People who are vegetarians can try Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail with the following foods:

  • Fried Veggies
  • Vegan Mac & Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Detox Salad
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Vegan Pizza
  • Desserts etc.

You can also try Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail with Indian foods. It pairs excellently with the following foods:

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Fish Fry
  • Fish Finger
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Cheese Garlic Naan
  • Masala Papad etc.

New year cocktail recipe

How To Make Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail?

Along with the other ingredients mentioned above, you will also need ice cubes and a chardonnay glass to make this cocktail. You need to stir the drink gently to make it. Before you start making this cocktail, it is important to understand one simple fact that making a great cocktail starts from the heart and ends up with common sense. While making Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail or any other alcoholic beverage, always listen to your heart but stick to common sense.

First, carefully wash your hand with sanitizer or soap, and only after that, touch ingredients or the glass. Take one standard size of a strawberry and one seedless lime and cut them into wheel shape. After that take, a hand full of holy basil and clap it softly to release the scent. Now you have to ice up the chardonnay glass. After that, you have to fill the glass with other ingredients except for soda and champagne. While filling the glass with ingredients, you need to be very careful. Do it properly so that the glass looks elegant.

Pouring champagne into the glass is the most challenging part of making the Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail. Hold the champagne bottle like the way you hold your lover, and after that, pour the champagne into the glass with a high label of body posture. Finally, it is time to introduce the showstopper. So, add soda water into the glass and stir it gently. Now place garnishing items on the top of the drink and serve it with a bright smile on your face. Avoid using plastic straws and consider serving Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail with paper straws.

This cocktail is one of the best treats that you can give yourself in this festive season. Drink it like a gentleman with passion, and don’t forget to say cheers to champagne, sustainable bartending, and the festive season.

cocktail Recipe

Final Word

Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail is an elegant and bubbly drink that you can try this new year. If you are hosting a party, then don’t forget to add this cocktail to your menu. We hope the post will help you to make a perfect glass of Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail and leave your guests amazed. If you are spending this new year’s eve in the Maldives, consider drinking it during the afternoon while watching the sunset from a magnificent beach. A glass of Sip And Savor-New Year Cocktail is all you need to enjoy and relax in this NYE.


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