Secret of A Bit Spicier Summer 2021 With Summer Special Cocktail

Summer 2021 is going to be memorable with our summer cocktail. Summer is all about beach parties, skin toning, and fresh evening air. This summer, enjoy your heart out. Let’s all say, like Jenny Xie, “I lean into the throat of summer.” Relish this bountiful beauty of nature. Life is hard; it is mundane. You cannot escape reality. But when the gust of fresh air embraces you, stress takes a vacation. So, stretch your muscles, sit back, and take a deep breath. These 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe will make your summer a bit more savory. Go through thoroughly to surprise your loved one with the magic of your hands.


1. Enjoy Special Summer Cocktail CUCUMBER- BASIL Fizz

Good news for the vegan at the beginning of 2021. Here is a cocktail recipe that is specially designed for herbal lovers. Among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe, it tops the list. A slightly bitter taste comes from gin (60 ml). The addition of 2 cucumber wedges strengthens the sense of bitterness. The liquor throws away all your stress and lethargy. 15 ml lime juice shake hands with the solution in lessening your dizziness. Add some basil leaves and 15 ml simple syrup to complete the taste. Now add all the ingredients to the shaker after muddling the basil cucumber. Please give it a well-wet shake with ice. Now double strain into a vintage glass after filling it with ice cubes. The beauty is finally ready. Now, click a good picture for your Instagram wall and chill out. But before that, garnish with basil spring and dehydrated lime.

2. Sip Sensational Summer Cocktail SATAN’S WHISKERS

Satan was Lucifer, an angel, before becoming a devil. Thus this classic becomes heavenly with pinches of spicy ingredients. I’ve included it in 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe for its fiery taste. 20 ml Tanqueray ten gin is the prime ingredient. Its juniper and bitter orange taste refresh your mind immediately. It has a strong appeal to your senses. 15 ml Grand Marnier mixes sweet and robust flavor. Among other necessary ingredients, 20ml sweet vermouth and 20ml dry vermouth play a significant role. Orange juice (15 ml) and one dash of orange are used to compliment the mixture. Now, combine all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Show your shaking skills (don’t take it otherwise) and shake with ice. Now strain this aperitive into a sexy chardonnay glass with cubed ice. Add the cherry on top by garnishing with pandan leaves. Your summer cocktail is ready!

3. Cater Your Guests With A Royal Summer Cocktail: SUMMER SWIZZLE

Concocted in 1920, this cocktail brings the raw smell of the Caribbean. This tropical drink has rightfully taken place among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe. Ingredients of this classic are as hard as the cocktail itself. 30 ml dark rum, also known as the oldest rum, is the primary ingredient. When it mixes with golden rum, also known as amber rum, the solution becomes the sweetest. Among other elements, 20 ml lime juice is added to balance a sweet and sour taste. This variation in taste raises your taste buds at a stroke. Other essential ingredients include:

  • 30 ml orange juice
  • 30 ml pineapple juice
  • 15 ml grapefruit juice
  • 20 ml falerum
  • 2 dash of Peychaud’s bitter
  • 2 dash of Angustra bitter

Start this sensational Tiki drink by adding all ingredients apart from the bitter ones. Mix these elements in a highball glass with crushed ice. Now, try your hands on mixing the ingredients with a spoon or swizzle stick thoroughly. Then comes the frosting part. Directly pour the bitter, well-stirred ingredients into the liquor. Hold on before grabbing this yellow beauty and sip straight. You’re yet to garnish it with dehydrated grapefruit. When it’s finally done, set back and enjoy the wonder from West India. You’ll know why it’s one among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

4. Sweetest Summer Cocktail: MANGO CAIPIRINHA

Summer is not summer without a Mango. How can a mango based cocktail be out of 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe list? When cachaca’s (60ml) herbaceous flavor mixes with 50-gram mango puree, it gives a sweet and grassy taste. 6 lime wedges come together to add a sweet and sour flavor. Complete the flavor with a 4 bar spoon of white sugar.

To make this summer cocktail, you have to cut the lime into 6 wedges. After placing it into a Nachtman highball glass, add sugar. Muddle them well, add crushed ice and then start churching. To get a refreshing vibe, fill the glass with crushed ice. Mint spring and two lime wheels take part in garnishing.

5. THREE DOTS AND A DASH: A Revitalizing Summer Cocktail

Among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe, this one deserves particular regard. This sweet and sour drink has come directly from the tropical region. With a glint of Caribbean’s air, this is a mixture of:


  • 45ml Agricole rum
  • 15 ml aged rum
  • 15ml Spiced rum
  • 15 ml falernum
  • 15 ml lime juice
  • 15 ml Orange juice

Mix honey (15ml) for a sweet taste and bring a variety with 1 dash of bitter Angostura. This classic mixture requires a fair shake. Combining all the ingredients into a cocktail glass, shake the mixture well. Now dump the mixture into a large cognac glass. Give an enticing decoration by topping up the crushed ice. Now use a dehydrated lime for garnishing. Pandan leaves of brown sugar also go with this Tiki drink.

6. EAST 8 HOLD UP: A Classic Summer Cocktail

Rock the party with this sweet and sour divine mixture. When 45 ml vodka and 15 ml Aperol mix, a fiery flavor instantly swirl your mouth. Pineapple juice (40ml) and lime juice (15ml) complete the taste. Add simple syrup (15ml) to lighten the taste a little. Now two tbsp passionfruit pulp acts as the cherry on top. The variety of this drink has placed it on the list of 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

Proceed with combining all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Give a hard shake and strain over the Nachtman highball glass with half cubed ice. When the yellow beauty is almost ready, fill it with crushed ice. Now the royal garnishing ends with lime skin and mint spring. Make your evening with this masterpiece among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

7. SPICY KUMQUAT CAIPIROSKA: A Tangy Summer Cocktail

Thai red chili-infused vodka’s (8-hour-infused) natural chili flavor is tamed with 3 pcs Kumquat. Then the mixture of 6 wedges seedless lime and 15ml simple syrup produces this wonder. This is a modern implementation of the traditional Kumquat Caipiroska. Its uniqueness includes it in 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe. Surprise your bae with a dreamy setting at the dinner date. Go through the recipe thoroughly and start with:

  • Adding the lime piece, kumquat, and simple syrup to your shaker
  • Muddle with medium pressure to extract the juice
  • Now add the remaining ingredients
  • Shake them well with ice
  • Strain well and dump info a Nachtman highball glass with half cubed ice and another with crushed ice

The result of your sweet effort is right in front of you. Garnish with dehydrated lime and chili slice. This unique combination of sweet and sour makes your quality time more vibrant.

8. FROZEN IRISH COFFEE: A Thirst-quenching Summer Cocktail

Remember how Shakespeare was not sure of comparing his friend with a summer’s day?  I was also confused about whether it should be included in the 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe. But then the espresso and the scoop of vanilla ice cream cleared my confusion. Summer’s dizziness instantly vanishes with a shot of espresso. Sweep away all the stress with Irish whiskey (40ml) while the vanilla ice cream (one scoop) melts in your mouth. 20 ml Baliey’s chocolaty taste adds to the final flavor. Do not forget to pour 2 scoops of cubed ice as this is a frozen drink. Blend all the ingredients powerfully. When a smooth blending is done, pour into a sling glass. Give the master stoke with cocoa powder. This is a unique summer cocktail because of its creamy flavor.

9. Dance To The Beat Of BATIDA DE COCO-KAFIR

This is a groundbreaking innovation in the history of cocktails. The natural tart taste of cachaca (45ml) produces a bitter taste mixed with lime juice (15 ml). Your stress and fatigue are overcome instantly. 30 ml coconut cream joins hands with the mixture to add a variation. Add simple syrup for sweetening the solution a little. A handful of kafir lime leaves give a luxurious look after garnishing. Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker for a hard shake. Pour ice over an old fashioned glass. Now garnish with kafir lime leaves and half rim with dried kafir lime powder. This tropical summer cocktail deserves its place well in the 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

10. Treat Your Taste Buds With Summer Cocktail, JAPANESE SLIPPER

Are you craving a sweet cocktail in this scorching hot? 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe include Japanese Slipper. The sweet taste of Midori melon (30 ml)infuses a sugariness. When you combine these two ingredients with 30 ml triple sec, give a hard shake. The sweet ingredients mix with the sour one. Then strain the liquor into a double old fashioned glass. This simple cocktail makes your evening memorable. Nurture your love with small effort. Do not forget to garnish with shisho leaves. This masterpiece has acquired a well-deserved place among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

Enjoy Summer’s Luxury With 19TH CENTURY

Can you imagine how magical it will taste when you mix bourbon whiskey (40ml) with white cream de cacao (20ml)? You cannot help your heart from leaping when you know you’re about to make a classic. With a pinch of killer rouge (20 ml) and lemon juice (20 ml), this mixture becomes more exotic. Shake well with ice after combining ingredients into your cocktail shaker. An antique glass goes with the drink’s royalty. Give the finishing touch with orange twist garnishing. Sip this absolute magic after satisfying your stomach at night. This is a must-try among 10 refreshing summer cocktail recipe.

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