Impress Your Valentine with Top ten romantic valentine’s cocktail in 2021

End your 2020 on a happy note, and welcome the new year with a Valentine cocktail in 2021! Love more dearly because you have braved a great battle with a deadly virus. Make your Valentine feel more special because life is just a collection of fleeting moments. Hold on to some of those moments with a cocktail glass in your hand. Oh! Before that, let me tell you how to celebrate a more exciting valentine’s day this year. Here are detailed recipes of Top ten romantic valentine’s cocktail that you must try on 2021’s 14th Feb.

  1. TIE ME TO NEXT LABELS- A Valentine Special Cocktail of 2021

Don’t you want to cross specific barriers and take a tour of the places you have never visited? This year do that with this beast. With a glass of Tie Me To Next Labels in your hand, make impossible possible. Take a champagne glass first for this and pour 20 ml illusionist gin, 20 ml lemon juice. A bold mixture of citrus elements, liquorice roots, and nutmeg shell induces your sense organs. A simple syrup of 5 ml and 100 ml Champagne Blanc de Blanc dilute with the mixture in a minute by your special shaking skills. Now, the beast is ready to make its journey to your heart through your stomach. Hold on a second! Use some edible flowers for garnishing and keep the ice aside. Now have a sip and serve it to the guests.


“Be my love, for no one else can end this yearning

This need that you and you alone create”

Remember the lyrics from Mario Lanza’s famous song “Be My Love?” They will resound in your ears when you sip this preparation with 10 ml kumquat liq, and 15ml Roku gin. To prepare “Be My Love,” take a champagne flute glass, pour Roku gin, kumquat liq, 20 ml cranberry juice, 10 ml lemon juice. Shake it well using your pro skill (if you know what I mean) *winks*. Do not forget to add 05 ml simple syrup and 100 ml Processco. Now it’s time to give this baby a super cool look. Garnishing begins with dehydrated lemon. Now breathe in, breathe out, and sip that gorgeous lightly. Do not add ice if you don’t want to spoil your experience.


If I’m not mistaken, you have already noticed that 14th Feb 2021 is a Sunday. Oh, stop blushing! A whole day with your beloved without any official calls or emails seems like a dream. Do not let the day die without an exceptional celebration. Fondle your beloved with a kiss, and it’s a “Valentine’s Kiss.” Build the Valentine cocktail with 10 ml kumquat infused Campri, 10 ml Aperol, 10 ml Lillet blanc. Tap the lead well so that you can shake the liquor well. Now, place a freebie kiss on your beloved’s peck and get back to the making process again. It’s time to mix 10 ml grapefruit juice, 100 ml Champagne or Prosecco, and 20 ml club soda. Build the solution well. Pour the liquor into another glass with ice cubes. Your love’s lips are enough to increase the liquor’s beauty. Still, decorate with some fresh kumquat and mint spring, and surprise your queen/king!

Valentine's kiss Cocktail 2021



Want to impress your date with the magic of your hand? (Don’t take it otherwise) Try Hot Lips Valentine cocktail to accomplish your mission. Take a glass and pour 4 pcs fresh raspberry, one standard-sized ginger chunk, 20 ml fresh lemon juice, and 100 ml champagne or Prosecco. Now hold the mixture with care and shake it passionately. Pour it into a champagne flute. Now, present it nicely to your date. You never know a sudden kiss from hot lips may be waiting on your way as a return gift!



Titanic and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” will always be synonymous to love birds. How about flipping the pages of memory lane once again on this Valentine’s Day? Take a dessert wine glass and pour 20-gram lychee puree, 15 ml elderflower syrup, 20 ml lemon juice, and 100 ml Blanc Champagne. Shake it so well that they mingle like Jack and Rose in the famous Titanic deck scene. Do not forget to add some sugar syrup (not more than 05 ml) for better taste. Pour the liquor in a glass full of ice cubes. Now, garnish with fresh lychee while Alexa plays “Annie’s song.”

LOVEBIRDS Cocktail Recipe of 2021



“Love looks not with eyes but with the mind

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

With just two lines, Shakespeare has described the fundamental nature of love. Love is indeed crazy. This valentine’s day rejuvenates the spirit of love with Crazy Love. Try your hands on this Valentine special cocktail by mixing 30 ml chili-infused Aperol, 20 ml Patron citronage, 30 ml Patron Silver, and 15 ml Lime Juice. Shake this baby gently and pour into a coupe glass. Do not add ice. Now present it to the love of your life after garnishing it with hydrated orange or whinge chili. I’m pretty sure that the fire in chili will bring the lost excitement in your love life.

CRAZY LOVE Valentine Cocktail of 2021



Remember how Elvis Presley said, “But I can’t help falling in love with you”? It’s difficult not to love our beloved. Remember how you couldn’t help staring at her all day when you first met? Reminiscent those days and surprise your sweetheart with this cocktail. Add 40 ml botanist Gin, 20 ml Cointreau, 20 ml Lillet Blanc, and 30 ml Raspberry Puree. Give a deep shake after mixing soda water with it. Pour the solution into a Collin glass filled with cubed ice. Dance slowly, holding her waist and take light sips of the sweetheart that is garnished with mix edible flowers.


  1. LOVE LUST Valentine Cocktail of 2021

Lust often turns into love and vice versa. But lets it leave on the philosopher’s soldiers to think. We better focus on the cocktail, a heavenly combination of 1 scoop super cold Passionfruit sorbet, 20 ml Passionfruit liqueur, and 100 ml champagne prosecco. After mixing it well, or may I say building it well, pour it into a champagne flute. Put absolutely no ice cube or garnishing element. Sip slowly and let it reach the core of your heart.



Celebrating your love royally is not a big deal now. Your effort and passion are all needed for the royal procedure of this cocktail. 10 ml Tanquery ten Gin, 20 ml Lillet Blanc are the initials you mix with 20 ml Aperol and 10 ml Lemon juice. Now muddle them with utmost passion. 2pcs Lemon skins, the same quantity of orange skins, and one white sugar add more flavor. Pour the mixture into a Chardonnay glass. Adding up some ice cubes, present it royally with mint spring or orange wheel garnish. Make your beloved’s mood and fondle her to the fullest.

Royal Love Cocktail Recipe



“Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven’t got a clue

But let me start by saying, I love you”

Even Lionel Richie is confused about how to propose to his crush. So, you’re not the only one. But we have a great mind to unfold a secret before you. Impress your crush with the magic of your liquor making skills. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is always through the stomach. 40 ml Freshly squeezed Pomegranate juice and 100 ml Champagne Blanc de blanc are the primary ingredients. Build them hard. Once you are done, pour them into a champagne flute and garnish with pomegranate seed. Who knows, your dream comes true with just the first sip of the cocktail! Let him speak to your heart through the satisfactory expression on his face.

LOVE LUST Valentine Cocktail of 2021


With some more effort make your beloved realize how important they are to you. Unfold unknown pages of your love story with the top ten romantic valentine’s cocktail. Add up some spice. Make some unforgettable memories because, in the end, it is memories that matter.


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